Why do dogs lick their owners?

09.02.2022 dogs lick their owners

Dogs assist people for centuries. They are members of the families, guardians, protectors, playmates, and walking companions. Every four-legged friend is different. The reason for that is their upbringing and environment, but also the type of breed, which influences dog’s temperament. A lot of people wonder, why do dogs lick their owners and weather it means anything. What does your dog try to tell you?

My dog licks me

Most of dogs show their feelings to the owner very intensely. Nowadays, jumping and face licking is technically the norm. However, the question arises: is there a hidden message behind this behaviour?

Dogs lick their owners’ faces to greet them. It is a way to show, how happy they are to see their most important person in the world. Of course, not every person likes such effusive greeting in the form of having their nose, forehead and cheeks covered in saliva. Excessive face licking is very common with dogs who were separated from their owners for a long time. Some four-legged creatures lick their owners to get some information. Based on human pheromones, dogs can assess the mood their owners are in. It should not be a surprise, that sensing low mood or sadness, the dog starts to fawn and try to make that mood better. Pet wants to be supportive and cheer their owner up. Licking is a clear sign that an owner has become very important to their dog.

What might be the reason behind licking?

Licking might also mean, that a dog wants to help with the owner’s hygiene. It is an almost motherly gesture for dogs. Female dogs always lick their puppies and check up on their hygiene. An adult dog also checks if their owner needs an assistance with hygiene tasks and, if needs be, such assistance is given. When the dog senses an interesting taste or smell near their owner’s face, they will gladly check it. Some dogs lick their owners while searching for food. It is an instinctive behaviour, as even young wolves lick their mothers to provoke them to return slightly digested food, which they then eat themselves. Puppies act the same way when they switch to solid food. Through face licking, a dog may demand their owner’s food. A vegetarian snack, which is low in calorie, nutritious and tasty, will be perfect to satisfy your dog’s cravings. Teddy’s Treats are natural, low fat, full of minerals and healthy plant ingredients. Licking might be an invitation to play, caress, devote some time or simply an attempt to draw some attention.

To sum up, licking their owner might be dog’s way of:

  • greeting
  • obtaining information
  • showing affection
  • taking care of hygiene
  • giving pleasure
  • exploring new taste sensations
  • inviting to play or caress
  • calming down
  • drawing attention
  • showing submissiveness
  • demanding food