Pytanie: Are Teddy and his Team Real?
Odpowiedź: Yes! Teddy and his team are all real dogs! Mostar, Fifty, Pablo and Casper are our family while Buci and Gatsby are our close friends!
Pytanie: What is Teddy’s favourite treat?
Odpowiedź: Teddy loves sweet potato, that’s why we offer it in different shapes and forms.
Pytanie: Are your products vegan?
Odpowiedź: Some of our treats are, however, we cannot fully guarantee that there are produced in a vegan environment. We also do not recommend a vegan diet for dogs; we only offer treats to supplement a protein-based diet.
Pytanie: Are your treats grain/gluten/wheat free?
Odpowiedź: Unfortunately, some are not, and we cannot guarantee that the others have no trace of grain/gluten/wheat. We are developing our recipes so we can hopefully offer those options soon!
Pytanie: Are Teddy’s Treats high in sugar?
Odpowiedź: No! We do not add any sugar to our treats. Our treats include Glyco-nutrients which are naturally occurring sugar in fruits and vegetables. In this amount, they are beneficial for the health of your dog.
Pytanie: Are the treats okay for all sized dogs?
Odpowiedź: Yes! We have tested the treats with different sizes and breeds of dogs with varying eating styles. We can confirm the chews are suitable for big and small dogs and dogs who try to eat the whole thing at once like Teddy. Our treats are the only vegetarian treats which he doesn't swallow in one piece!
Pytanie: Are Teddy’s Treats okay for obese dogs?
Odpowiedź: Yes! Teddy specifically chose all-natural ingredients to ensure that our treats are as healthy as possible! Our treats are great for dogs who struggle with obesity as they are low in both fat and calories!
Pytanie: I have a peanut allergy, do your treats include peanuts or are processed where there could be any cross-contamination?
Odpowiedź: Yes, some of our products include peanuts and therefore, there is a risk of cross-contamination. If you or anyone in your household has a peanut allergy, please know the treats may not be suitable for your home.

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Pytanie: Do you ship internationally?
Odpowiedź: Yes! Our treats are accessible to all our fur-friends around the world.