Teddy’s Team


Nickname: Teddy Freddy, Teddy Bear, Tank
Hobbies: Playing with my ball, taking naps, giving kisses, eating
Favourite Food: Cottage Cheese
Least Favourite Food: Salad
Favourite Toy: My ball collection
Favourite Activity: Stealing things out of mom’s suitcase (socks,underwear, shorts, the bigger the better!)
Least Favourite Activity: Taking baths
Fun fact: Once grandma took me to the vet because my right paw was injured, not sure what happened but I came back with my left paw in a cast (even though x-rays were done of the right paw) nobody noticed except for mommy.


Nickname: Fifty, Fiftek
Hobbies: Playing in the garden
Favourite Food: Raspberries, Salad
Least Favourite Food: None
Favourite Toy: Leaf
Favourite Activity: Staring out into the distance
Least Favorite Activity: Getting my hair brushed
Fun fact: Every time you pet me you will most likely find a new leaf or stick in my fur (I’m full of surprises)


Nickname: Pablito, Pabo, Pabis
Hobbies: Sleeping, cuddling with mommy, judging
Favourite Food: Fish dog food, chicken sticks
Least Favourite Food: Everything except his favourite food
Favourite Toy: Wall-E plush toy
Favourite Activity: Sleeping, running around outside
Least Favourite Activity: Staying home for too long
Fun fact: I show my emotions and dislikes with facial expressions, I also have enormous eyes


Nickname: Mostarek
Hobbies: Going on long walks, getting pets, eating chews
Favourite Food: Anything except tomatoes
Least Favourite Food: Tomatoes
Favourite Toy: A green monster plush toy
Favourite Activity: Forcing hoomans to pet me
Least Favourite Activity: Taking pictures
Fun fact: I am the oldest of the pack! I am almost 11 years old.


Nickname: Casperek, Casperacy (conspiracy)
Hobbies: Running, taking long walks, smelling everything
Favourite Food: Peanut butter and cheese
Least Favourite Food: Tomatoes
Favourite Toy: Tennis balls
Favourite Activity: Playing fetch and swimming
Least Favourite Activity: Baths
Fun Fact: I have long hair around my ears, which is quite rare for a dog. The hair also curls in to make a heart on top of my head. I also know how to open doors!


Nicknames: The Great Gatsby, Gatsparoo, G
Hobbies: Stealing shoes, lying in dads bed when he’s not looking, barking at the foxes, wading through the pond, licking mums feet
Favourite Food: Peanut Butter!
Least Favourite Food: Banana
Favourite Toy: The Human shoe
Favourite Activity: Rolling in a muddy puddle
Least Favourite Activity: Walking with grandpa (he’s too slow)
Fun Fact: I used to hate baths, but now I love them!


Nickname: Bucika
Hobbies: Napping all the time and scavenging around the flat for any sign of food leftover or crumbs
Favourite/ Least Favourite Food: Unknown because she used to eat everything and anything
Favourite Toy: She was quite a serious lady so didn't really play that much, but she used to love stealing pillows kitchen towels and other stuff she knew she wasn't allowed to have and 'hiding' them by going into her bed when she was younger
Favourite Activity: : Definitely eating, that doggo loved food beyond anything in life and would always give puppy eyes when someone was eating around her
Fun Fact: She was a super-intelligent doggo and was also very strong-willed. Once her owners took her for a walk to the forest and she ran off. They found her a couple hours later at her favourite pet food store, which was about a 10-minute walk from where they walking her. She crossed a super busy road and attempted to burglar the pet food store. The shop workers took her to the vet (she was chipped) and the owners got a call from there.