What are vegetarian treats for the dog?

09.03.2022 vegetarian dog treats

What are vegetarian treats for the dog?

Vegetarian treats for the dog are a great alternative to the well-known feed and pellets, which are unfortunately full of unnecessary fillers and low nutritional value. However, as with a vegetarian diet, it is also important for a pet’s diet to balance its meals so that it is supplied with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Are ready-made vegetarian treats for the dog a guarantee for this?

What is the reason for the growing popularity of vegetarian food for dogs?

The researchers agree that a vegetarian diet has many benefits for humans and dogs. Owners of four-legged animals are increasingly choosing to base their animal’s diet on vegetarian food and treats, for health reasons as well as for ethical and philosophical reasons. They take it for granted to feed their dog with herbal meals. It is not uncommon for a dog to react allergically to animal protein (feed allergy) – then vegetable food is absolutely necessary.

This is often associated with the knowledge that the widely used dog feed and granules are not as diverse and protein-rich as the manufacturers promise, but rather contain a plethora of fillers that are harmful or, in the best case, neutral to the health of the four-legged friend. Vegetarian treats for the dog are therefore a good alternative. More and more easily accessible, they courageously begin to replace the classic “bone and meat. ”

Important: Before deciding on a vegetarian diet for your dog, please consult your veterinarian or pet nutritionist.

Is it possible to cook vegetarian food for your pet?Of course you can, but it is a very time-consuming and difficult process. Meals must be prepared in a perfectly balanced ratio – so that they give the pet the necessary amount of individual nutrients while maintaining the necessary calorie and palatability (don’t forget the taste of the food!).

A much simpler solution are prefabricated vegetarian treats for the dog. Developed by specialists, enriched with important vitamins and other nutrients, they form a good nutritional basis. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a zero-single approach. Especially at the beginning, you can add vegetarian treats to the popular standard food – vegetable cubes, brushes, chopsticks, crunchies and stripes. The selection is really big! And it is only with time that the meat food is transformed into vegetarian or self-prepared vegetarian food for the pet.

What do you find in the composition of the vegetable snacks for the four-legged friend?

• vegetables and legumes – e. g. beans, soya beans, sweet potatoes, turnips, cranberries;
• cereals – e. g. maize, spelt, wheat;
• vegetable oils and “healthy” nut fats;
• vegetable starch,
• vegetable protein extracts,
• Food supplements – vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
In the description of a good vegetarian dog food you will also find information about a guaranteed analysis – percentage of protein, fat, fiber and moisture. Of course, the best vegetarian dog treats are 100% natural, with optimal fat content and. . . created with love. 😊