Vegetarian dog treats and pet behaviour

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Just like the human body, the dog’s organism is a complex system that, among other things, needs a proper diet in order to function properly. A properly structured diet based on nutritious food and snacks can have a positive effect on your pet’s behaviour – eliminating worrying reactions and bringing peace and joy into your pet’s life. Vegetarian dog treats are a great way to create such a diet.

What does a dog’s behaviour depend on?

How our pooch behaves depends mainly on two elements: his innate personality and how he’s feeling. His mood, in turn, is a resultant of the broadly understood care on which we base our relationship with our pet. It includes, among other things, the quality of the diet. A loved and well-fed dog is a happy dog. A carefully formulated diet and adherence to healthy eating principles can therefore assist in the formation of correct canine behaviour.


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Diet and dog behaviour

The food and treats we give our dog should be of the highest quality. What does this mean?  They should contain the nutrients, minerals and vitamins it needs. On the one hand, they should guarantee the necessary calorie intake, but on the other hand, provide the ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the entire organism.

Cheap, widely available dog foods and snacks unfortunately contain a large amount of fillers that offer little in the way of nutrients besides calories. They can be compared to fast food for dogs. Such food, which in addition will be given in too much or too little quantity eventually can cause many disturbing behaviours in the dog:

  • aggression towards people and other animals,
  • destroying items,
  • persistent soiling of the house,
  • hyperactivity or, on the contrary, apathy,
  • pulling on the leash and escaping.

There is a simple way to avoid this – by choosing good quality food and treats that will provide your pet with the ingredients it needs for a happy, healthy life.

Vegetarian dog treats are a good example of such an element of a dog’s diet. At Teddy’s Treats we have perfectly balanced snacks for your four-legged friends, containing the necessary amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Using proven plant-based ingredients (e.g. yam, peanut butter, cranberries), the treats are a source of many vitamins, promoting digestion, growth, maintaining healthy skin, bones and teeth, and… healthy everyday behaviour!


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As well as choosing good food, remember to feed the dog correctly: matching the number of food portions and their volume to your dog’s energy needs. Both overfeeding and underfeeding are major dangers and can cause a wide range of deterioration in a dog’s mood, including sleep problems, aggression, impaired learning, lethargy, among others.