How to play with your dog at home?

08.09.2022 jak bawić się z psem w domu

Play plays a huge role in a dog’s life. It is essential for maintaining physical and mental health – just like proper nutrition or rest. Most often we choose to play with our dog outdoors, but what to do when the weather doesn’t allow it? Definitely do not give up!

Playing with your dog at home – rules to remember

Playing with a dog should include both physical and intellectual elements. Running your pet out – while very important – is not enough. Therefore, even if the weather is fine and the yard is in front of you, add varied dog entertainment to your walk to encourage your pet to “poke around.”

Remember that dogs are intelligent creatures. They enjoy learning, and mental stimulation keeps them healthy for longer. Boredom and lack of exercise, on the other hand, can prompt a dog to behave aggressively and simply make it unhappy. Also, don’t forget that the sense of smell is one of the basic senses of a dog and it is worth including it in the planned games. In addition, change the pool of games you play from time to time; so that they always provide some challenge and appeal to the dog. At home, rather avoid running – it’s not safe for you, the pooch or the furniture.

And what’s very important is to remember – you are the one who controls the course of the game. Do not allow your dog to bite or jump all over you, and when such situations occur, show your pet displeasure, preferably with a loud “no” and walking away. On the other hand – when your dog behaves very nicely, participates willingly and does well in the challenges you have organized, give him a reward. A delicious snack (such as vegetarian dog treats – made of yam or cranberries) will work best. And be consistent. Reward and reprimand based on the same conditions. This is because the predictability of your behaviour brings much-needed order and calm into the life of a dog.

What do you need for a successful game with your dog at home?

Contrary to appearances, you don’t need a large apartment or expensive toys to carry out attractive games with your dog at home. All you need is your time, a sincere desire to spend time together with your pet and… ingenuity! Avoid thinking that only complicated and original games are the good ones, because your pooch doesn’t need much to enjoy playing and being with you.

Ideas for games with your dog at home

  • Use a blanket, for example, to wrap some treats in it and encourage your dog to find them and pull them out.
  • Use all sorts of nooks and crannies in the house to hide your pooch’s favorite mascot and again encourage him to discover and bring it.
  • Sometimes snacks alone and arranging them in a slalom is enough, which you can lengthen with time and your pet’s growing skills.
  • Proven command learning is also a form of fun – intellectual. The pet is sure to appreciate it!
  • If you have enough space for it, encourage your dog to do an agility activity, such as going through an obstacle course consisting of a chair, a lower stool and a pillow. So that he would have to jump over, then crawl gently, and finally with a low but longer jump get further.

Playing – whether indoors or outdoors – is a great way to develop a relationship with your pet. It can result in better communication in other everyday situations – as long as you don’t forget to follow the most important rules. For this reason, it is definitely worth introducing dog games into your life and organizing them regularly, regardless of the weather!