A puppy in the house – how do you prepare for it?

17.11.2022 Teddys-treats szczeniak

We have dreamt about having a dog, we have chosen what it should look like, we know what place it will come from. It’s time to prepare for its arrival and plan the first weeks, as they will be crucial to the little creature’s continued life with us. What is worth looking out for? We checked

Make sure you have the right starter kit

To begin with, let’s plan where we want the dog to have its bed. Ideally, it should have contact with us in it, as it will feel safer that way. In the event that we want to place the dog’s bed in the hallway, for example, and we spend our time mainly in the living room, then the little one may either feel lonely or not accept the bed at all. We can buy a bed in a pet shop or prepare one ourselves by folding up a blanket or bedding. It is also important that the dog has bowls prepared. One for water, the other for food. These bowls should be placed somewhere easily accessible, but it is also good to choose a surface that is easy to wipe or clean. Let’s also consider the choice of food, whether it be dry or wet, when buying make sure it is dedicated to puppies. It is a good idea to buy the little one a harness to start with, as small dogs have delicate spines and harnesses do not strain them.

Protect your home from damage

Small dogs are like small children – curious, unfamiliar with limitations. It is therefore up to us, as owners, to ensure that nothing happens to them. Before the pet arrives in our home, let’s secure the areas where it can come to harm. Hide cables, position plants so that it doesn’t have a chance to reach them, make sure stairs are secured or hide carpets that can be damaged for a while. Anyway, it’s a good idea to hide all the items you don’t want to be damaged. This will make caring for a puppy more fun, as the stress of knowing that something might be damaged goes away.

First days at home

Once you’ve brought your dog home, it’s a good idea to let it familiarise itself with the surroundings. We should be prepared for the dog peeing on the floor for the first time, after all, learning hygiene is yet to come. For a start, it is worth leaving it alone to see the place he has come to live in for itself. It is a good idea to isolate children for a while, who can frighten the puppy with their pushiness and noise. In addition, spare it visits from strangers; let it become well-acquainted with and trust the new housemates to begin with. Provide your pooch with the food it knows from the previous place and gradually change if you want to change it. You can also give the puppy a treat, such as a vegan treat, so that it associates you and the new place with something positive.

Walks, training and fun

Plan fixed times for walking your dog so that it gets used to being out at certain times. Initially, however, remember that the frequency of going out with the puppy must be high, preferably every two hours. Or at least after it wakes up, eats or when it has finished playing. It is worth paying attention to this at night as well. Let’s show our new housemate a lot of understanding and patience, calmly showing it what is allowed and what is not. It is fine to comment on undesirable behaviour with a short – no, while rewarding what we like with praise or a vegan treat. If the dog knows that we are worth listening to and we are predictable, then it will have more trust in us.